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We are a team of developers that have decided to create a working online Heroes Charge Hack… We succeeded!


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Heroes Charge Hack 2015

Hello all Heroes Charge players! Today we prepared a special tool for you. But firstly, let's have a look at some of the main characteristics of the game. Heroes Charge is a an action RPG game presented by uCool. The main task is to build your own heroes in order to protect people from an enemy. The game offers 50 different heroes, each one having a different 4 skills and caracteristics. However, what is bad on the game, that the limitation of main resources – gems and coins. Using our Online Heroes Charge Hack you will never face to this problem. Thousands of happy players are coming back to use it again and again.

Here’s some more info about the Heroes Charge Hack:


Traffic Racer generator

After a few months of developing, experiments and combinations, we finally succeed to create a working online hack tool for Heroes Charge. The Online Generator has some great features. The most popular between players using our hack is, or course, nothing else than Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gems Feature. Using the resources, you can get unlimited stamina, level up skills of your heroes, evolve them and much more. Moreover, the feature „Unlock all Heroes“ allow you to unblock all heroes by one click. The Online Generator Works on all Android and iOS devices, no root or jailbreak needed.

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These are the features currently available in our Heroes Charge Hack Tool:

Coins Generator

As you know, coins are the premium currency in Heroes Charge, Until now, it was impossible to get them for free. The only possibility was buying them for big money. Heroes Charge Hack Tool allows you to generate as many coins as you desire.

Gems Generator

Same as above. This one, of course, concerns to Free Gems.

Unlock All Heroes

Access to all locked heroes in Heroes Charge.

Speed Hack

Increase the speed of your chosen hero.

Ads Free

No more annoying ads when playing.


Our tool is using a special anti-ban script, which makes it 100% undetectable.

User Friendly Interference

We made the online tool very easy to use.
heroes charge hack proof

The generator is 100% safe

The last time, we‘ve been getting tons emails from you where you ask: Is there any chance my account could get banned? Of course, we understand your fears. Good news is, you can sleep well from now. As we care about players using our Heroes Charge Online Generator, we decided to add a special anti-ban script a few weeks ago. The script is using our special algorithm, coded in C++, with injection of some special SQL inquires, which is 100% undetectable. The script is When you add the resources with our online generator, the system, uCool server, sees this process as buying the coins and gems for the real Money! Even if uCool employes would manually inspect your account, they see yours resources as acquired from a legit source. In case our hack tool get patched, we are so confident about our skills, we can update the tool in a matter of days. :)

Should we really be using the Heroes Charge Hack Tool?

We dont try to push anyone to use our hack. The decision is completely up to you. Maybe, you are asking, is it moral to use this tool? Well, if you still hesitate, did you try to pose a question, is it moral from uCool stuff to ask people such a big Money when buying the resources from offical source. The answer should be pretty obvious. Lots of players buy the resources and pay unbelievable Money every month for stupid virtual goods. Does it mean, if you are not from a rich family, you can’t reach the all potential of the game? This is a little bit unfair, don’t you think so? That was our main reason when making the hack tool. Give all people the same chance of enjoying the game.

Well, but how exactly do I use this?

Well, knowing how to use our hack is no rocket science. As we mentioned above, we made the tool totally user friendly, so even a little child can use it. When you land on the generator page, you just enter your Heroes Charge (Google Play / iOS) email adress and finally you choose the amount of desired recources. In case you wanna profit from the tool to its fullest, don’t hesitate to check some additional features like Unlock all Heroes or Unlimited Stamina. After this process, nothing else hold you to generate the coins and gems. The resources should be added to your account, in maximum 1 minute. In case of any questions,you can contact us. We will be glad to help you.